Judy and Joseph Del Galdo, Mother and Son Team, Stole $16 Million, Splurged on iTunes


Mother and son Judy, 66, and Joseph del Galdo, 46, have been charged with stealing more than $16 million from a textile business where Judy worked for over 20 years, according to the Manhattan DA’s office. Judy forged the signature of the company’s president on hundreds of checks that were deposited into the account of a non-existant company called “Tea-Rific Beverage, Inc.” Son Joseph was the sole signatory on the account. $6.67 million was sunk into Joseph’s failed company, First Response Ambulance, Inc. Other splurges, aside from the predictable yacht, private jet rides, luxury cars, plum suites at Madison Square Garden and the Meadowlands, bespoke suits and houses now in foreclosure, include $54,000 in Apple and iTunes purchases.

That makes the Del Galdos the latest in a line of infamous iTunes addicts, joining the good company of the engaged couple who broke up online over iTunes, some mysterious customer mentioned by Steve Jobs at the 2004 MacWorld, and Lisa Simpson.

But apparently the money didn’t buy health: the Post reports Judy’s defense attorney asked the judge to alert jailers of mom’s medical conditions — she suffers from “a severe neck condition,” and isn’t getting her Xanax.

The Del Galdos were arraigned today. They pleaded not guilty, and are being held without bail.