Scientology Documentary: A Video Clip from the Upcoming “Knowledge Report”


One of the people who made the Scientology’s Enemies List, which we wrote about yesterday, is Mark Bunker, dubbed “Wise Beard Man” by the Anonymous movement. I sent him an e-mail to make sure he saw it.

Today, I received this reply from him: “What a day. You send me this news and then an hour or so later I hear that my mom has died. I’m cutting my road trip short to go back for the funeral. Thankfully I just spent a few days with her last week as I passed through the Midwest. I hope to restart my interviews soon.”

Bunker is working on a feature-length film, “Knowledge Report,” about Scientology. In the preview clip he provided above, you’ll see several people who were on the Enemies List, like Amy Scobee and her mother, Bonnie Elliott.

I have to say, the production qualities of this preview are impressive. Bunker is asking the public to help him raise funds to finish the film. Go here for more details.

We’re sorry to hear about Bunker’s loss. But we know the guy. He won’t be down for long.


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