Sparkling Rosés on the Rise; London Takes Pop-Up Restaurants to New Level


Beer archaeologist Patrick McGovern is working with Dogfish’s Sam Calagione to investigate brewing methods that go as far back as 18,000 years ago. [io9]

Sparkling rosés might not be the most complex or sophisticated wines, but they are great for summer picnics, which would explain their growing popularity. [LA Times]

The humble pop-up restaurant will reach new heights when the Lancaster House, which doubled as Buckingham Palace in The King’s Speech, is used by Jamie Oliver protégé Jamie Grainger-Smith to temporarily serve organic, local British cuisine. [Telegraph]

A campaign, started mostly by angry freegans, has started to convince Trader Joe’s to stop wasting so much food. [Treehugger]

H&H owed $347,813 in back rent to its Upper West Side landlord before closing. [WSJ]