Gay Wedding Cakes at Michael Kors — UPDATED


The happy brides, the happy grooms

A week ago, when we inaugurated our pop-up Big Gay Food Blog with a piece on the hopeful wedding cakes in the window of openly gay fashion designer Michael Kors, the prospective votes for same-sex marriage were being counted and recounted, Democratic senator Ruben Diaz was being reviled for his anti-gay position, and the prospect of another Republican senator crossing over to break the 31-31 tie seemed remote. But, let’s face it, civil rights are a central feature of our Constitution, and by doing the right thing and breaking the tie Senator Stephen Saland goes down in the history books. And Kors’s cakes go from being a dream to a reality. The original piece follows.

Salute the new Mrs. and Mrs. at Michael Kors.

Clothier Michael Kors commemorated the start of Gay Pride Week by putting a quartet sextet of wedding cakes up in its Bleecker Street windows in the West Village this morning. The cakes are decorated with same-sex couples, looking natty in their wedding attire.

The cakes also commemorate the painful jockeying in the New York State Legislature to get a gay-marriage bill passed, as recounted by the Voice‘s own Steven Thrasher.

So please take a moment to call your representative in the Assembly (where the measure has passed four times already) and senator in the Senate (which has never passed the bill) and congratulate/berate her or him.

State Senate: 518-455-2800
State Assembly: 518-455-4100

“I now pronounce you husband and husband.”