New Yorkers Celebrate Passage of Gay Marriage Bill; Did You Know Another Bill Was Passed Yesterday?


We’re proud to be New Yorkers today after the state senate passed same-sex marriage last night! And so are the crowds who flooded the West Village to celebrate; revelers gathered outside the Stonewall Inn last night to mark the historic moment. Talking Points Memo has a good slideshow of the scene over there. Our Intern Esther went to go join the party, and we’ll have more from her later. We’ll have a slideshow later today as well. Despite a horrendously suspenseful vote — and an eleventh-hour stonewalling attempt by Sen. Ruben Diaz, during which the sound of thousands of people cringing was almost audible — Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law last night and gay couples will be able to marry in New York starting July 24. How many people do you think proposed to each other last night? And have we thought about how this will double the amount of weddings we attend, and crazily enough that doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all?

A somewhat less exciting bill also passed yesterday, although the Governor’s office is reportedly still reviewing whether to sign it. Livery cab drivers are now legally permitted to pick up street hails in the outer boroughs and northern Manhattan, provided that they obtain a $1500 medallion. Before yesterday, only yellow cabs were allowed to do that. Yellow cabs will still have exclusive street-hail pickup rights for the airports, Lower Manhattan, and midtown. [ABC]

Here’s a neat visualization of Whitey Bulger’s movements over the past sixteen years. Favorite moment: in 2006, he was spotted at a movie theater seeing “The Departed,” which was based on his story. [The Daily]

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been hacked, and his address book has been leaked to the public. The hackers claiming responsibility are called Team Poison, and are apparently rivals of Lulz Security. [Gawker]

Another Sarah Palin documentary exists. How many do we need, again? [The Hollywood Reporter]

At least five people were killed after a truck crashed into an Amtrak train on its way from Chicago to California. [ABC]