Jerry Seinfeld Ruined Man’s Life, Man Says


Jerry Seinfeld’s short-lived reality show The Marriage Ref was not only so-so television; it also had the power to ruin innocent people. Or so claims Howie Kohlenberg, 47, who appeared on the show with his now-ex-wife Christine in 2010 and now blames Seinfeld for the dissolution of their union. Kohlenberg told the Post that because of the show, his wife became obsessed with fame and left him.

Not only did Christine leave him, but he’s also now facing eviction and has already gone bankrupt. The culprit? Jerry Seinfeld, or “Mr. Billionaire,” as Kohlenberg (somewhat bitterly!) described him.

The couple owned a spa in Midtown when they decided to appear on the show. Long story short, they were manipulated and lied to, as most reality show contestants are, and Christine got some pretty overblown ideas about the potential for stardom inherent in appearing on a show of The Marriage Ref‘s caliber. She ran away to Los Angeles and then to Canada, because that’s where you go to become a real star.

The moral of this story? Don’t trust Jerry Seinfeld. The real moral of this story? Obviously never be on a reality TV show. The real, real moral of this story? Don’t go running to the nearest daily newspaper to complain about your ex-wife (hint: it’s tacky).