Breaking: Famous Chefs Have More Money Than You Do, Don’t Really Cook


Chefs like to complain about culinary-school grads who view working in a kitchen as a brief pit stop on the way to televised celebrity, product endorsements, and global jet-setting. But sometimes, the media makes it difficult to blame them.

As this week’s exhibit A, we present Carla Hall, erstwhile caterer and Top Chef repeat offender. The Washington Post reports that Hall, who was most recently seen shilling for Fancy Feast, is so busy that she doesn’t really, you know, cook all that often.

Although she’s got a fledgling cookie business, much of Hall’s time is taken up with charity appearances and TV — come September, she’ll co-star with Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Daphne Oz, and Clinton Kelly on The Chew, a daytime talk show. Hall told the Post that now that chefs have fans, they can no longer “just stay in the kitchen and say, ‘My food is out there. That’s enough.'” Well, they can, actually. But why settle for excelling at your job when you can judge cat-food contests instead?

Exhibit B: David Burke owns 18 paintings by Marc Chagall. And a few by Picasso. So now you know.

And for exhibit C, we present David Chang. It’s no secret that Chang also doesn’t have a lot of time for cooking these days. But if you had any doubt that dude’s living the high life, then hurry on over to The Wall Street Journal, where the chef has penned an ode to the joys of traveling first class. “I’ve become a travel snob,” he writes, somewhat redundantly, and illustrates his discovery with tales of watching back-to-back episodes of The Wonder Years on a private TV while traveling first class on Emirates airlines; getting a haircut in Heathrow Airport’s Virgin Atlantic lounge; his love of Heathrow’s British Airways first-class lounge, which is “limited only to passengers traveling at the appropriate level of first-class-ness”; and the “restorative power of a shower while traveling.”

In other words, eat cake, you proles. But at least he didn’t regale us with a masturbatory description of his last meal at El Bulli.

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