Burger House (Zen Grill) Now Open, Continuing the Vaguely Asian Burger Trend


Asian burgers really seem to be having a moment, don’t they, with Danji’s sliders, Social Eatz’ burgerz, and Bento Burger in the fold? Well, you can now add one more shop to the roster. Burger House, a “Zen Grill,” has opened at 820 Broadway, selling regular and slightly Korean-influenced burgers and sandwiches.

We decided to check out the goods, but, being purists, opted for a regular burger (a reasonable $4.95).

The burger, which came on ciabatta bread, really seemed sandwich-like and huge. Topped with crisp iceberg, nice homemade pickles, and a somewhat subpar tomato slice, the burger patty itself was rather flat and had been griddled. It was cooked a bit longer than we would have liked, and thus tasted overly dry.

However, the shop was doling out samples of its bulgogi burger ($6.45), which was much more flavorful and juicy than the ground-beef patty. If we were to come back, we’d probably opt for that. There are clearly better burgers in the neighborhood, but the prices are decent and there’s a full sandwich menu, making this a reasonable — if not gastronomic — choice for those who work or study nearby.

The full menu: