Gay Marriage Gets an Ad Campaign, May Fix the Economy


Following Friday’s passing of same-sex marriage in Albany, the office of the mayor has already updated NYC.gov to provide some new info on nuptials, including the heartening headline: “New York City to Welcome All to Marry Here.” It continues, “We look forward to welcoming all couples who want to marry and celebrate their weddings amid our bright lights and legendary sights, including many landmarks of gay history. Whether you’re a native New Yorker or someone who yearns to be married in New York City, that opportunity is now yours — no matter whom you love.” This hints at another effort that’s already in the works, NYC & Company’s ad campaign to bring same-sex couples to New York for weddings, not least because the city thinks the gay wedding industry “could be worth millions of dollars to the city, triggering job growth.”

Via the New York Daily News,

“NYC & Company is working to create a multi-channel, global communications and marketing campaign – NYC I DO – to promote the vibrancy and attractiveness of the five boroughs as a gay weddings destination,” said Kimberly Spell, the agency’s chief communications officer.

NYC I DO is here.

For his part, Mayor Bloomberg has said to same-sex couples, “We’d love to have you come here, stay in a hotel, buy flowers, clothes, meals, whatever — it’s good for the economy,” reports NBC NY. He says the city is gearing up to accommodate people, and predicts the new law will bring tourism dollars into the city. He also said, characteristically, in answer to the question of whether there’d be lines the first day, “Yes. Get ready for it. Get used to it. It’s a lot better than no lines.”

Just saying: If gay marriage passing can get us out of this recession, certain people deserve a huge round of applause (not that they didn’t already).

The law goes into effect July 24.

Bloomberg plans ‘NYC I Do’ campaign to attract gay couples, cash in on legal gay marriage law [NYDN]