How Can Andy Cohen’s Show Ever Get Canceled?


I’m not saying it should be, mind you.

The man is clearly some kind of genius, with his popular programming choices for Bravo, which include his very own chat show on that very same channel.

But if the ratings ever tumble, what will happen to his show?

I mean, how does the guy in charge of the channel handle the fate of his own future appearances on that channel?

Will Andy wake up to a text from himself saying, “Sorry, kid, but I’m not renewing it. Love you, lunch.”

Will someone else — say, some dark alter ego in the closet — have to swoop in to tell Andy the programmer to tell Andy the TV star that it’s kaput?

Or will Andy the programmer simply decide that, no matter what the ratings, this show is a keeper for the ages and Andy the TV star will never get yanked?

If I were Andy the programmer, I’d go for that last choice. I’d renew it longer than The Simpsons and would start planning all kinds of prequels, sequels, and spin-offs, as well.

But what do I know? I’m just Michael the kvetch.