How Many Procrastinators Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?


That’s the title of a new book by David Parker, the subtitle being Take Control of Your Life and Defeat Immobilizing Depression!

Instead of putting it off, let me now relay what the author told me about this fascinating subject:

“There are persons who avoid personal responsibility to an extreme.

“For example: A habitual procrastinator may not only pay his bills late but his inaction is because he hasn’t balanced his checkbook for the last six months. Instead, he uses the balances he gets from ATM receipts while secretly worrying over whether the bank made an error or if he was unjustly charged a service fee.

“When a person continually lives in this fashion, forever late with everything, life becomes maddening.

“Eventually, anything requiring more than the most simple effort winds up taking its place in line behind all the other tasks the procrastinator has put off and the sufferer begins to feel helpless, which is then followed by feelings of hopelessness.

“The word ‘priority’ loses its meaning and life becomes about all about avoidance, the only actions undertaken are the equivalent to putting out one small blaze after another while never getting the main body of fire extinguished.

“I know this because that’s how I used to live.

“To combat this ingrained way of thinking, I had to teach myself how to take action in a way that worked for me. I came up with a technique that I call ‘The J.O.T. Method,’ which means ‘Just One Task.'”

To find out more about the technique, you’ll have to order the book.

Do it now! Come on, don’t put it off! Now! Get off your ass!