Indian Food On the Rise; NYC Chefs Serve MyPlate-Friendly Dishes


Perdue ads will now feature not only chairman Jim Perdue, but 10 or so employees, and will take a more earnest approach toward chicken.
[NY Times]

A number of casual Indian restaurants are cropping up around the country, including Café Spice in New York.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Experts say that it’s not just sitting in front of the TV that causes childhood obesity, but also what sort of ads kids watch.

The French had their own E. coli in outbreak recently — also involving bean sprouts — but officials say it appears to be isolated.
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The Smithfield, owner of the world’s biggest hog slaughterhouse, is looking to get into the smoked ham, bacon, and frozen meatballs game, putting Sara Lee in its sights.

New York chefs Eric Ripert, Lidia Bastianich, and Bill Telepan respond to Michelle Obama’s new MyPlate system with dishes in their restaurants.
[NY Post]