New Yorkers Are Kind of Couch Potatoes, Says Survey


As residents of a city known for busy people who seem perpetually on the go, we weren’t surprised that New York was not ranked the nation’s Most Sedentary City by Men’s Health. The honor there went to Lexington, Kentucky. That said, we were a little shocked to see that we came in 32 places behind the most active city, Seattle, making us actually rather sedentary out of the 100-city list. Our perplexed emotional state comes from a) a recent viewing of Sleepless in Seattle in which the New York scenes seem a lot more active than the Seattle ones and b) the fact that we got a B- when Los Angeles got a B. Los Angeles? Don’t they just drive everywhere? Criteria for judging included exercise, TV watching, and video game consuming, as well as “the rate of deaths from deep-vein thrombosis” and “physical activity in the past month.”