Pie Corps’ Salt Cod Pie Is Fishy Fun


The first time we encountered Pie Corps at the New Amsterdam Market, we tried their derby pie, and liked what we tasted. This time around, though, our tastes ran savory.

Because we’re bacalao freaks, we could in no way resist Pie Corp’s salt cod pie. It was about the same size and shape of a woman’s clutch, but filled with shredded fish and olives instead of spare change and Altoids. The pie has the same buttery, flaky crust that endeared us to the derby pie, and brought back happy memories of the savory pasties we ate when we lived in Scotland.

The fish was as salty as we’d hoped, and also pleasantly chewy. In truth, we could have used more of it — while it was fairly abundant in the pie’s center, it was kind of scant around its perimeter. Also, the green olives in the pie’s filling are left whole, which is fine, but there were maybe three in the entire pie. Complaining about the number of olives in a $6 fish pie falls squarely into the category of “First World Problems,” but if we’re discussing the overall quality of a product, then it might behoove the fine folks at Pie Corps to be a bit more generous with their ingredients.

Still, this is a pretty damn tasty pie, and the next time we find ourselves at the market, we will be back for more.