This Evening, You Can Rally to Save H&H Bagels


H&H Bagels may be closing its iconic Upper West Side store this week, but that doesn’t mean its admirers are going to let it go gently into that good night.

This evening at 7, UWS resident James Besser is holding a rally at Riverside Park (enter at 83rd Street) to save the store, which owes $347,813 in back rent. The West Side Rag reports that Helmer Toro, H&H’s embattled owner, has also gotten involved; according to a message from Besser, he and Toro have “agreed to use tonight’s meeting to form a committee to preserve the Upper West Side. The goals are to support mom-and-pop stores and promote small town values.”

As added enticement, there will be free bagels — which, as we now know, owe their distinctive texture to poaching.

[Via Gothamist]