Tour-Bus Sized Asteroid Will Just Miss Earth Today


An asteroid named 2011 MD will pass by Earth today at about 1 p.m. According to, the rock, which is “the size of a tour bus,” and between 29 to 98 feet wide, will zoom past earth about 7,500 miles above, which is close enough that it will be beneath some of the planet’s satellites (and closer than the moon). Not to worry, there is no risk of impact, says NASA, and even if there were, an asteroid of that size would break up and burn before hitting the surface. Well, that’s a relief. According to Wired, the asteroid will be visible from South Africa and parts of Antarctica; people will be able to see the approach in Australia, New Zealand, southeast Asia and the western Pacific. 2011 MD is the largest known asteroid to have come so close to the Earth — it will pass our way again in 2022. []