Want To Get a Free Tattoo on Camera? SPIKE TV Wants You!


SPIKE TV, purveyor of such televised testosteroney magnificence as 1000 Ways To Die and MANswers, has a new reality show in development called . . . InkMaster. Yes, the Maxim of Cable stations is looking for a few good human canvases who’d be willing to get the design of their dreams drawn on-air by “America’s best tattoo artists.” So if you’re an old in the Tri-State area and you’ve ever wanted a back piece of the Braveheart battle scene re-enacted by the Muppets, now’s your chance.

The casting call, in full:

Spike TV seeks people who want a first-time or an additional tattoo by participating in a new tattoo competition reality series, InkMaster. The network is gathering some of America’s best tattoo artists to compete and the show needs people to be human canvases.  If you live in the tri-state area and are 27+ years old, send an email to: along with a description, a recent photo and your tattoo design idea and why you want this design.  Interviews will happen this week in New York City and filming for the show begins in July and August in the NYC area.  InkMaster is from Original Media, the production company producing LA Ink, NY Ink, Miami Ink and The Rachel Zoe Project among others.

We checked with the producer and she confirms that “tattoos will be FREE for the people who are chosen as canvases.”

But wait, are you more into fat sex than body art? Have no fear, there’s a show about that too.