Annoying, Endearing Local Commercials Up For Annoying, Endearing IFC Awards


IFC, the channel of Portlandia if that says anything, is sponsoring the LoCo Awards & Sweepstakes, a celebration (which is actually just a huge promo for one of their new shows) of those zany, cheaply made local commercials that we all love to hate so much. Although you can still nominate commercials, the New York Daily News points out that the city’s most legendary — including multiple Crazy Eddie spots — are already up for consideration. We’ve analyzed some after the jump.

Uncle Majic
This commercial has received a lot of love from IFC and has been nominated for in the Best Performance by an Animal or a Child, Hammie and LoCo Golden Turkey categories. It features some of the key elements of a brilliant local commercials: repetition, yelling, suspect celebrity endorsement and a reference to “hip hop.”

Grand Prospect Hall
It seems like Alice and Michael have been shilling for their garish event hall in Brooklyn since the beginning of time, so it’s fitting that IFC has put them up for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Thank You Dr. Zizmor!
Nominated in the Best Original Song or Jingle and the Star Stripe Award categories, we watch this and just think how we never want the man who endorsed this rainbow-filled spectacle touching our face.

Jerry’s Disco: “That’s the Story!!!”
Who wouldn’t want to party with Jerry in Queens after watching this Most Unforgettable Tagline nominated gem?

Porcelain Fountains
And then there’s this.

Never mind. That just makes us miss the days of ScarJo and RyRen.

Thanks for reading. Now we have to go bang our head against a wall to get the sounds of these commercials out.