Beer Drinkers Are Tastier to Mosquitoes; Winemakers Take to Plastic


What is it about the subtle pleasure of Kölsch, asks Eric Asimov? “Well, it’s a snappy and beautifully refreshing golden ale, bright without being overbearing.” Doesn’t that sound nice?
[NY Times]

Carlsberg, which is mostly known for light lagers, is gearing up to launch Carlsberg Elephant, a “super premium” strong beer.
[Economic Times]

A new study reveals that people who have consumed a pint or two of beer are 15 percent more likely to be bitten by a mosquito.
[Times of India]

Finnish scientists have cracked open a 170-year-old bottle of beer, salvaged last summer from the wreckage of a ship that sank near the Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea.
[CBS News]

Wine producers from New Zealand, the United States, and even France are switching from glass to plastic wine bottles, which can be better for the environment and the wine.
[Toronto Sun]