Dan Choi on Andrew Breitbart: “I Hear He’s Asian From the Waist Down”


This morning, Lt. Dan Choi emailed us that a supporter of his had written to him, “Andrew Breitbart told me you made a joke about him — and his dick size, I guess. Honestly, this seems out of character for you. And it hurt Andrew’s feelings because he really admires you, as well. Am I missing something?”

Choi responded that “I was asked on record by Esquire if Andrew Breitbart and I have anything in common, so I replied with a smile: ‘I hear he’s Asian from the waist down.'”

We are familiar with the things Lt. Choi is prone to say. Choi went on to explain to his supporter, “Just a point of clarification: I’m Asian,” adding:

I think Andrew would have a good laugh about it, because he knows I appreciate his fearless and (often controversial) tactics and his advocacy on behalf of our community. He also knows that I was an infantryman and this is infantry talk. He is clearly a tough guy who can handle this kind of jostling and it clearly got laughs at my expense too! Honestly I thought you would be offended on behalf of Asians. (!) Andrew is the last person who would cry at night about some well-meaning jostling. Anyhow, please don’t be offended. It was not meant to offend or make victims of anyone. We have to laugh about the tensions we all go through in our lives. It shows we are all human!