Gabrielle Giffords Honored Husband, Waved to Crowd in Houston


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman shot in the head during the January rampage that killed six and injured 13, made her first public appearance in front of a crowd on Monday during a ceremony for her astronaut husband Mark Kelly. Giffords attended the event in a wheelchair, but stood to embrace Kelly, who received the Spaceflight Medal at the Space Center Houston. Kelly commanded the mission being honored, Endeavour’s final launch, and has since retired to write a book with his wife. Giffords received a standing ovation when she arrived, and wore her hair “shorter than in previously published photos,” ABC reports, along with “glasses, a beige scarf, a light shirt, jeans and sneakers.” Giffords “smiled and waved to the crowd,” but left early.

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