Johnny Utah’s Mechanical Bull Fells Another Poor Soul


Christopher Haynes, a 38-year-old Manhattan man who the Daily News reports “works in finance,” is the third person — at least the third person — to accuse Johnny Utah’s of running amok with their mechanical bull, a dangerous, though not living, beast that has launched many a finance guy into the ether, seemingly as if on purpose! Haynes fractured his left tibial plateau before his ride even got going, which is particularly sucky. If you are to wound yourself on the mechanical bull, you at least want to get a few hat-waves in first.

Alas, such was not the case for Haynes.

“The ride was about to commence,” said Neil Fuhrer, a lawyer for Haynes. “And as he was seating himself on the bull, they cranked it up and threw him off.”

Haynes required surgery and his lawyer says, “He’s going to have a problem with that leg for the rest of his life” — his suit claims that he’s “permanently disabled.”

Johnny Utah’s does have a waiver that you have to be 18 to ride the bull, and that death and/or paralysis is possible in so doing. While it’s not known by his lawyer if Haynes had been drinking or had signed the release form, let’s call a spade a spade: Never have we met a mechanical bull that threw us off on purpose. But, if you are going to ride the bull, you should probably be prepared to face the floor. And if you are going to face the floor, make sure it’s padded.

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