Let’s Name Things That Have Gotten Better


You so often hear cries of “Things used to be so much better way back when” — especially from my own tired mouth — but let’s put on our Pollyanna happy faces and play the glad game.

Let’s appreciate all the amazing stuff that’s improved with time, thanks to technology, increased savviness, or just plain luck.

What’s better now?

I’ll start …

There didn’t used to be automatic payments!

And they’re definitely a plus.

You no longer have to worry about the transaction — the bucks are just taken out of your account behind your back — nor do you have to deal with all that stupid, obsolete check writing and stamp buying.

Some banks even give you a bonus to go along with this process because they like it, too, rather than having to beg for their payments every month.

Name something else that’s better.

It can even be something like gay marriage … in certain states.

But don’t say the “You Are Here” signs that are going up. I’ve already conveyed my ambivalence on that subject!