People Seem to Have No Idea What to Do With Fresh Produce


Smorgasburg’s food artisans (or “fartisans,” as we like to call them) love to advertise their use of farmers’ market produce. At this point, it’s more or less become gastronomically incorrect not to. But, in one of the more poignant instances of irony we’ve seen in a while, these artisanal prepared foods are causing customers to ignore the presence of Smorgasburg’s actual farmers’ market.

The market’s manager, David Sherman, emailed Eater in the hopes of bringing some attention to the neglected fruits and vegetables that people claim to worship. “It is hard for our farmers’ local kale to compete with a kimchee hot dog,” he wrote. His hope is that people will see Smorgasburg as a place to do their grocery shopping, which is reasonable enough.

But based on what we’ve seen, most people see Smorgasburg as a place to eat things that will soak up alcohol or look good on a food blog (guilty as charged). Grocery shopping — even with exceedingly good groceries — seems to be the last thing on people’s minds, probably because the promise of Smorgasburg is the promise of instant gratification and foodie cred. It’s the same reason people go out to brunch and pay $12 for a couple of eggs they could cook at home for a fraction of the cost.

And if the USDA’s latest food-safety ad campaign is any indication, many people don’t even know to wash raw vegetables before preparing them at home. The campaign, aimed at preventing food-borne illnesses, comprises four short videos that whimsically depict the importance of things like keeping raw meat and produce separate and cooking foods to their proper temperature. They’re cute and all, but could the USDA please make similar PSAs showing the meat industry how to keep the shit out of our spinach?

[USDA via Grub Street]

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