Rubén Díaz, Sr. Proud to Have “Made History” as Last Democratic Bigot


Reverend Sen. Rubén Díaz, Sr., the lone Democratic senator out of 30 to vote against the Marriage Equality Act, is proud to have made history, even though he voted for the losing side.

“I made history. I’m the only New York State Democrat that voted against the bill. I will wear it as a badge of honor,” Díaz told the Christian Post. He also told them “that gay marriage is a sign of the End Times,” and, though he predicted to explain just how, he is hard at work figuring a way to overturn the newly signed law.

Perhaps he won’t have to wait long, though, if his apocraphyl predications are more accurate than Harold Camping’s. “I believe in the Bible. I believe in the End of Times and that all these things will come to be, that what is good will become bad and what bad will become good,” Diaz said.

So much for that oath he took to the New York State Constitution.

Via Joe My God.