TV May Get More Profanity and Violence; Japanese Retirees Want to Help Cool Nuclear Plant; NYC to Get Better Street Signs


• After striking down a California law restricting the sale of violent video games to minors as unconstitutional, the Supreme Court will look at FCC rules barring profanity and nudity on TV. [Pat’s Papers]

• A group of senior citizens in Japan, led by retired plant engineer Yasuteru Yamada, 72, is continuing in their efforts to get Tokyo Electric to let them help in cooling the damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. (Because of their age, they’re less likely to get cancer or diseases that develop slowly due to radiation exposure.) [NYT]

• In a somewhat confusing article about how confusing street signs are to New Yorkers, we’ve learned that we’ll be getting a bunch of new street signs to help us get less confused. DOT is “gathering design proposals to show pedestrians where they are and how long it would take to places nearby,” to “unlock New York City’s street system.” What would this look like? No idea. Signs are planned for Long Island City in Queens; Prospect Heights/Crown Heights in Brooklyn, and Chinatown and parts of midtown Manhattan. [NYDN]

• A nonprofit group will cease their street-cleaning service on Broadway between Houston and Canal because chain stores aren’t donating to them. They will still clean streets in the West Village, TriBeCa, Nolita, NoHo and other parts of SoHo. [DNA Info]

• After being chastised by a judge who did not appreciate her torn jeans and revealing off-the-shoulder top in court, 17-year-old Chazmia Morrison has had what the Post is calling “an extreme makeover.” Justice Patricia DiMango was in favor of the new look, saying, “You look quite the lady.” (Never mind that Morrison pleaded guilty to assault for attacking a a girl to keep her from singing in a talent show.) [NYP]

Hijinks, Coney Island’s sideshow cat, has passed away at the age of 17. R.I.P., Hijinks! [Jeremiah’s]