Wall Streeters Like to Spend the Summer Eating Themselves Sick


It seems that professional eaters aren’t the only ones with a passing interest in cramming huge quantities of food matter down their throats. Wall Street types, never ones to shy away from the spotlight (or a competition), like to spend the summer months participating in so-called Food Eating Challenges.

A sort of hybrid of Fight Club and that fraternity initiation scene in Animal House, typical FECs, The Daily informs us, require their participants “to choke down 100 Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins, 6 feet of Subway sandwiches or 85 Wendy’s chicken nuggets, for sums large enough to pay their rent.” Recently, one Citigroup employee bet his cohort $600 that he could eat a soccer-ball-sized Crumbs Colossal Cupcake without vomiting. He couldn’t. Most challenges, incidentally, have a “no puking” clause.

Elsewhere, there have been competitions to see who could eat the most KFC Double Downs in 30 minutes and so-called Vending Machine Challenges that require competitors to eat one of everything from the vending machine. Also without puking.

Wall Street even has its very own Kobayashi, an energy-options broker named Ian Roncoroni. His accomplishments include downing 344 raw oysters, along with a few tequila shots and Irish Car Bombs, in less than an hour. He won $3,500 for his troubles, and later went on to eat 100 Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins in an hour. Explaining the popularity of FECs, Roncoroni said, “I could pretend that it builds morale, or team spirit, but most people just like to have an excuse to call a client and say, ‘You’ll never guess what this a****** is going to do for 50 bucks.'” The more you know?