“You Are Here” Signs Are Coming To NYC


Think the city isn’t quite friendly enough to tourists yet?

The smokelessness and chain stores and malling and that gigantic staircase in Times Square aren’t enough for the yahoos and dignitaries who might come here to spend a buck or maybe even a buck and a quarter?

Well, today’s New York Times reports on signs that will start popping up — to great expense — alerting people as to where they are and what they’re near (and naturally they contacted me, the ultimate New York navigator, for my thoughts on this phenomenon).

These alerts will surely be a tourist’s best friend, especially when they’re lost and no one else will talk to them.

The idea is that the signs could beef up pedestrian traffic and possibly lead the zombie parade into an actual place of business or two, even if it keeps them out of the subway system (which always claims it’s hurting and needs more cash input, not less).

But to me, it’s another slap in the face of us residents who know exactly where we’re going and why.

I’ve finally figured the grid out, for chrissake. Please don’t suddenly turn it into a board game for the unwashed!

Still, I tend to welcome the change, perversely enough.

Read the article and see why.