100 ‘Sex-Crazed’ Turtles Close Down JFK Airport Runway


Turtles! 100 diamondback terrapin turtles flash-mobbed a runway at JFK airport today, leading to closure of that route for more than an hour. “Specialists” (because have you ever tried to pick up a turtle? It’s scary!) removed the turtles at around 10 a.m., reports the New York Times City Room blog. This is not unusual, apparently — the runway becomes a turtle crossing each year about this time because the terrapins are looking for spots in which to lay their eggs. There is an “ideal” one just on the other side of the runway in question. Meanwhile, the New York Post calls our hardworking egg-laying turtles “sex-crazed,” because that’s what the Post does. And maybe the turtles are. Or maybe they’re just doing what nature tells them to.

Unlike the geese that mess around with with our human air travel, the turtles were allowed to live and were relocated “out of harm’s way,” for whatever egg-laying/sexing/air traffic control plans they might have to resume.

Because we’re talking about turtles, someone has to make a joke.

“This may be a major international airport, a gateway to New York City and the United States, but any facility that is built on water, sometimes your neighbors come in a hard-shell variety,” [Port Authority spokesman] John Kelly said.

They — sigh — already have a Twitter account.

Remember Frogger? Now, that was a great game.

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