We’re still not sure what the tipping point was; all we know is that around 2004, people forgot their Top 8, their customized glitter layouts, and even Tom himself to migrate toward the newest way to make Internet friends: Facebook. We know that MySpace still strikes an angsty, prepubescent chord, so come down and raise your glass to the former social-networking great at MySpace: The Party! You’ll hear tunes from bands such as Hot Hot Heat, Further Seems 4evsies, and Franz Ferdinand spinning all night—odds are, one of these jams was listed in your profile song jukebox way back when. And because the Internet and alcohol are always a fantastic combination, drink and shot specials such as the “Friend Request” and the “Relationship Status” are readily available. Finally, take it back to the days of mirror pics and be sure to snap your best duckface or peace-sign pic in the photobooth.

Sat., July 9, 10 p.m., 2011