Felicia Cruz, 49, Identified as Stanton Street Murder Victim; Miguel Pena, 58, Arrested (Update)


We have gotten some more information on the Stanton Street murder we reported yesterday. Through the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information, we have learned that the woman is Felicia Cruz, 49. She was found dead in the residency of Miguel Pena, 58, at 101 Stanton Street, apartment 14. Pena was arrested on the scene and charged with murder. The two “are known to each other,” DCPI told us. At the scene yesterday, a man who identified himself as the victim’s son’s teacher explained that he had heard that her “boyfriend” was the murderer, and a friend, Juana Hernandez, said the two had been in a relationship for four or five months, but that it was ending. “She [had] found out he’s not a great guy,” Hernandez said. Hernandez described Cruz as “very strong.” We are expecting to hear from the medical examiner’s office on the results of the autopsy. Updates after the jump. [ezwrites]

Updated: 5:06 p.m.
We have heard from the medical examiner that the cause of death is “stab wounds of the torso and blunt impact injuries of head.” Cruz’s death was ruled a homicide.