Joseph Anderson, Principal at Clinton School for Writers And Artists, Plagiarizes David Foster Wallace in Graduation Speech


When stuff like this happens we tend to be at a loss for words. Joseph Anderson, the principal at the Clinton School for Writers and Artists on West 33rd Street, plagiarized part of his graduation speech from a commencement address David Foster Wallace gave in 2005 at Kenyon College, the Daily News reports.

We could bemoan how dumb this is on Anderson’s part and how his statement that his lack of attribution was an “oversight” seems like a bunch of baloney, but that’s obvious. Instead, we’ll just leave you with an adaptation of the original speech, published upon Wallace’s death in the Wall Street Journal. It is remarkable, and a principal at a school for writers and artists should at least know that a half-assed emulation of a work of art cannot do said work justice. [NYDN]