Mazo Schwartz, Daughter of Brooklyn Hate Crime Suspect Simchon Schwartz, Speaks Out


Over the weekend, 46 year-old Simchon Schwartz was arrested for hate crimes against his Turkish neighbors who he is accused of assaulting while yelling, “Fucking arabs! Fucking terrorists!” Yesterday, Schwartz’s daughter, Mazo, insisted that her father did not instigate the fight and that he is not a racist. She told the Daily News, “I’m very upset because I’m dating a Muslim and my family is being called racist.”

The way Mazo Schwartz tells it, Mustafa Turan jumped her father and yelled anti-semitic slurs. She told the Daily News, “My father was walking down the street. They exchanged words, and he [Mustafa Turan] hit him. We couldn’t call the cops because it was the Shabbas.”

Mazo’s boyfriend of two years, Amer Nicocevic, said that he never felt hassled or discriminated against by Simchon.

Unfortunately for Simchon Schwartz, the police believe that for one reason or another he shoved 27 year-old Selda Turan against her car and then poured beer on her while yelling slurs. When her husband, Mustafa Turan, went to protect her, Schwartz hit him.

When the police finally found Schwartz in a nearby synagogue, they say he resisted arrest, smelled of alcohol and kicked out a squad car window.

Schwartz faces charges of felony assault and felony criminal mischief as hate crimes, resisting arrest, obstructing cops, menacing and harassment. He was released without bail on Sunday, but he faces as many as fifteen years in prison if he is found guilty. [NYDN]