My Favorite Shampoo! What’s Yours?


I used to adore Jhirmack shampoo because it looked, smelled, and felt like orange sherbet for the scalp!

Everyone from Vidal Sassoon to Rachael Ray would have approved.

Many years later, I found that Suave had an Orange Smoothie shampoo that was almost as good, and it was only $1.29, so my follicles suddenly became addicted to that stuff.

It really was creamily delicious.

But then they pulled it off the market for some reason (too scandalous?) and it became harder to find than Madonna‘s Sex book — which I also used to rub into my scalp, by the way.

So then I switched to Clairol Herbal Essences, mainly because they were in lots of gift bags, but that eventually had too much of a scent for me.

Its essence was a little too herbal.

Currently, I use a very bland but calming 99-cent shampoo made with mountain spring water, aloe vera, and chamomile, but I’m tempted to spring for the return of Prell, mainly because it’s incredibly green and really fun looking and comfortingly reminds me of my bushy-haired youth.

Has my shampoo gotten into my head and caused damage?

And what’s your favorite?