My Pained Message To The Church


Particularly Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who’s having a conniption over the approval of gay marriage in New York State.

I’ve got news for you, Timothy:

God is a construct.

People invented Him ages ago for solace, and then other people (like yourself) twisted him around to further beat down the oppressed.

A symbol of love bizarrely became used as a tool of hate.

What’s more, the Bible is a man-written collection of stories with all kinds of messages — some inspirational, some outlandish, and others downright impractical.

Many positive ideas can be gleaned from it — including the need for tolerance and acceptance — but to take every word of it at face value and use that as a literal-minded primer for living is so absurd it’s no wonder the church has become increasingly out of touch with the realities of modern civilization.

You seem to love emphasizing the parts that supposedly make gayness sinful and gay marriage an aberration.

You ignore so much of the rest of the book, it makes me wonder if you’re as much of a speed reader as you are a hatemonger.

Don’t you realize that people can believe in any God they want?

And that you can intepreret the Bible any way you want?

Religion is a choice — unlike being gay!

To persist in bludgeoning people with your bigotry sent from on high is a pigheaded act that my God wouldn’t approve of.

It’s especially perverse considering that for decades, the church covered up internal pedophilia, and then, when it came out, decided to blame it on homosexuality rather than on the church’s own policies!

Now that gays have finally been granted the right to live happy, healthy, sanctioned lives together, you condemn that!

You made excuses for the grossness and now take aim at the consensual, adult loving?

My God is so ashamed of you.