New York City Wants Your Ideas for an App


Do you have an ingenious idea for an App but are repulsed by the thought of earning copious amounts of money from it? You’re in luck! The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications is hosting the “NYC BigApps Ideas” contest and awarding finalists up to $250 for the right to use and distribute their idea. We assume that the App is for smartphones, although they don’t specify this anywhere on the site.

To enter, in 140 characters or less fill in the blank following the prompt: “I want a NYC App that.” Visitors to the site vote on what Apps look the best and they are then narrowed down to 25 finalists. These lucky 25 are painstakingly evaluated by a panel of judges and the winning entry becomes an official App of New York City.

The leading vote-getter is an App “that shows…the current deals that are offered in restaurants, stores(15% off), bars(happy hours) etc based on my current time and geo-location.” We prefer the current second-place entry, an App that “turns…subway commute[s] into a snowboarding challenge where people are encouraged to stand while maintaining balance within the subway car.”

The submission rules are as follows:

1. Submissions must be 140 characters or less.

2. Submissions must be in English.

3. Submissions must not be indecent, defamatory, in obvious bad taste, demonstrate a lack of respect for public morals or conduct or adversely affect the reputation of the Sponsors.

4. Submissions must not: a) be illegal under applicable laws; b) depict hatred, defame, threaten a specific community in the society or incite violence; c) contain vulgar language or violence; or d) contain pornography, obscenity or sexual activity.

That nixes all our hate-filled Flemish Apps encouraging public nudity, but we entered an idea that fits the requirements:

Go to to submit your App idea. Who knows, your 140 character morsel of genius could make you a hundredaire!