New York Public Library Wins in Fight Against ‘Bugget Cuts’


Last week we posted about one little girl’s attempt to keep the New York Public Library functioning, a method that included vaguely yet awesomely threatening letters to Mayor Bloomberg (“Do Not Cut the Library’s Buggets OR ELSE”!). That girl will be happy, because today word came from Angela Montefinise, PR director of the NYPL, that the library has had its funding largely restored in the newly adopted New York City budget. Yay.

In a statement, Montefinise said,

“When it comes to libraries, the real winners this budget season are New Yorkers. Thanks to a sizable restoration from the City, all of our 90 locations across the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island will remain open, which means the people of New York will still have access to the critically important free services we offer that are being used now more than ever–computers and Internet, books, programs, classes, job search resources, and more. This budget also preserves a minimum of five-day service in our system, and allows us to avoid layoffs. We want to thank the people of New York for making their voices heard during a difficult budget season, and letting the City know how important libraries are to all. We also want to thank Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council for keeping libraries open.”

A $40 million cut had been proposed for the NYPL, which includes Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The budget restores $36.7 million of that. We’ve asked for comment from the postcard writer, who, presumably, is quite thrilled.