Restaurant Servers Would Do Well not to Smell Like Compost


Brokelyn today has a fun and informative piece about getting and surviving a restaurant job, a sort of What to Expect When You’re Expecting for prospective FOH workers.

Some of the tips are obvious: “If you are a pretty girl, you can basically work anywhere and do anything.” Some are tips you would hope are obvious: “[I]f you are going to be around people’s food, make sure you don’t smell like the compost. And shave! For the love of Based God, no one wants your curlies in their Eggs Benedict.”

One, however, is a rallying cry for anyone, really, who encounters people on a daily basis: “You may have an old lady who’s pissed that there’s no cinnamon for her cappuccino because she’s not used to real coffee. … That’s not about you. You’re not (necessarily) bad at your job. She’s just a miserable person who will never be happy and wants everyone around her to be miserable, too. DO NOT buy into it. DO NOT let her win!” MTA bus drivers may want to take this one to heart.

[Via Eater]