UFO Video Proves Existence of YouTube


The above video of a supposed “UFO Mothership” over London was posted onto YouTube Monday and has already garnered over two million hits. It briefly captures a group of glowing lights passing by overhead and is similar to another popular UFO video shared months ago from Jerusalem. Whether you believe in extraterrestrial life or not, one thing is certain: Adding comments has been disabled for this video.

Some believe that this is part of a viral marketing campaign for the film Iron Sky. Even if this isn’t true, in writing that previous sentence we have unwillingly participated in said marketing campaign. For this, we apologize.’s Benjamin Radford, who we have proved to be an alien, quickly dismissed the London clip as a fake:

The mothership and its UFO siblings videotaped over London are among the absolute easiest images to fake: glowing ovals and dots. There’s no detail, no flying saucer windows or aliens waving hello from high above. Just white moving dots that anyone with some video-editing chops could create with little effort.

The Internet lied? Let’s just chalk this up as an “innocence lost” moment and move on. Here’s a video of a monkey playing guitar!

Is the ‘UFO Mothership Over London’ Video Real? []