What to Drink at Prune: The Chicago Matchbox (Like, Duh)


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

The drink: Chicago Matchbox

The bar: Prune (54 East 1st Street, East Village, 212-677-6221)

The price: $10

Ingredients: Homemade lemon vodka, Sacramento tomato juice, pickled Brussels sprouts, baby white turnips, caper berries, green beans, and radishes.

The buzz: OK, so Prune’s Bloody Marys are already, like, legendary. And the Chicago Matchbox is the king of them, hailed far and wide as the best morning cocktail you’re likely to stand in line for two hours to wrap your mouth around. A meal in itself, or at least a substantial appetizer, it’s a potent, piquant combination of flavors and textures — tart tomato juice, snappy pickled veggies, giving off sweet and vinegar at once. It’s just the reward you deserve after elbowing your way into the tiny, crowded spot on a Sunday morning. The best part? It comes with a shot-sized chaser of Red Stripe. Because that’s how you want to roll.

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