WTForever21 Blogger Resumes Site After Dispute With Forever 21


Earlier this month we wrote of Rachel Kane, the blogger behind Forever 21 satire site, which, being a satire site, makes fun of Forever 21. Forever 21, being without a sense of humor in general or particular, did not like this, and threatened her with a cease and desist and possible lawsuit. Because of this, there had been no new posts on WTForever21 since June 6…until yesterday, when Kane announced that she would resume posting. Hooray!

Here’s her post:

Dear Lovers of Gnarly Fashion:

After two legally baseless cease-and-desist letters from Forever 21, two painstakingly researched responses, and zero substantive replies from Forever 21’s legal team, I have no choice but to interpret the company’s non-responsiveness as an admission that my blog,, does not infringe any of Forever 21’s rights. Through my attorneys, Charles Colman of Charles Colman Law, PLLC, and Scott Burroughs of the Doniger/Burroughs Law Firm, I recently imposed my own deadline on Forever 21, which the company has failed to meet. My attorneys and I will not permit Forever 21 to use silence as a strategic tool or intimidation tactic, particularly when the company stood idly by for over a year as I blogged about their design disasters.

As such, please enjoy today’s long-overdue offering of WTFashions. This is a dark defeat for MC Hammer pants, floral jumpsuits and blinged out mini hats, but a joyous triumph for those who like to make fun of them. Which is pretty much anyone with eyes.

With love and lulz,


As one commenter wrote,

*high five* their crappy lawsuit made me follow your blog in the first place, I hope you get a million new followers and a book deal out of this crap 🙂

You go, girl.