Cuomo Attempts to Lift Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing


When Governor Cuomo signed the landmark same sex marriage bill into law last week, you probably thought, “There’s no way the ‘gov is topping this.” Guess again! The New York Times reports his administration will announce their attempt to lift what is effectively a statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing tomorrow. Last week’s celebrations on Christopher Street will be no match for tonight’s revelry. Hydraulic Fracturing, or “fracking” as the kids call it, is used to extract natural gas from shale. Critics object to the process because it can potentially pollute water sources, but those critics are stuck in the 1950’s. Someday you’ll be telling your grandkids about where you were when Cuomo freed you from your sad, frackless life.

The fracking will be regulated, and there will be no fracking near New York City’s watershed upstate. It will obviously ease natural gas costs, and according to a campaign document Cuomo released last year, environmentalists love it and they don’t even know it yet:

“The economic potential from the Marcellus shale could provide a badly needed boost to the economy of the Southern Tier and even many environmentalists agree we want to produce more domestic natural gas that reduces the need for environmentally damaging fuel sources such as coal.”

See, you whiny hippies, you were the ones begging for hydraulic fracturing. Dreams do come true.

The full plan will take months to hammer out, but the groundwork will be set tomorrow. One question remains: Now that Governor Cuomo has liberated New York from its oppressive hydraulic fracturing moratorium, is there a limit to how great his enduring legacy will be?

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