Mid-Life Career Changes Are On The Rise


I don’t have any specific statistics about that, I’m just basing it on what’s been happening within my own circle of friends.

And no fewer than four of them have seized their middle years to make an about-face and go off on a whole new career direction.

Two of them went into medicine, one is becoming a therapist, and the fourth is pursuing writing.

And I think it’s really inspiring.

It’s a way of saying, “My life is far from over, so I’m going to change my plan at the halfway mark and go in a new direction that will make the rest of it more rewarding.”

It’s a way of either going after long-suppressed dreams or simply chasing better financial security — or maybe both.

And either way, I applaud those who are willing to reroute their focuses and make a different kind of life for themselves.

Besides, I can definitely use two medical people and a psychotherapist.