Park Slope Pigeon Killer Poisons Scrumbles, Adorable Cat


The man who bragged last week on Brooklynian under the screen name “Pyrrhic Victory” that he has been poisoning pigeons in Park Slope may have killed Scrumbles, a local cat. On the thread where Pyrric Victory originally posted about his exploits, another user, Lillithofarc, has been accusing the poisoner of killing Scrumbles. She explains, “[Scrumbles] fell violently ill after a walk at the local park and subsequently died of what my vet called accidental poisoning.” She now claims to be desperately searching for information about Pyrrhic Victory so that she can bring him to justice. Users on the site insist that Lillithofarc and Pyrrhic Victory are trolling, and that the two usernames might even be run by the same person, but it’s impossible to say for sure. [Brooklynian]