Ted Leo To Play The Tyranny Of Distance In Full At 4Knots Kickoff Show


Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ set at the 4Knots Music Festival kickoff show—taking place July 9 at Pier 17 on the South Street Seaport with openers Screaming Females—will have the band playing their 2001 album The Tyranny Of Distance in its entirety. But don’t expect a big “remember the ’00s”-fest to ensue; Ted says, “This is not a big nostalgia trip! We’re not doing it to place [Tyranny] in some sort of ‘classic albums” necropolis! We’ve been mostly on tour for the entire ten years since this album came out, and rarely has a night gone by that we haven’t played at least a few songs from it—it’s as alive to us now as it was when it was first released! We (or ‘I’) have never ‘broken up’ and moved on to other things, so we’re not getting back together to celebrate ‘what was’—this is and always has been our life, and we’re celebrating a milestone in that life!” There’s more on the topic at his site, in a post that will, he says, be amended throughout the week; above, footage of the band playing that album’s “Stove By A Whale” during the Great Blackout Show Of 2003. And for more 4Knots information, head right this way.