Vegan Tour de France Cyclist Probably Thinks He’s Better Than Us


Don’t you hate it when your vegan buddies hold their dietary practices over you? And don’t you despise that guy who completes the Tour de France and acts like he’s the man just because he successfully finished the single most grueling test of human endurance? Well, David Zabriskie fits both categories. The Independent reports that the American cyclist will become the first rider ever to keep a vegan diet while competing in the Tour de France, which starts this Saturday.

Zabriskie says he converted to veganism two years ago after a doctor told him that he didn’t react to certain foods well. Most cyclists eat around 8,000 calories a day during the Tour de France. It’s difficult for Zabriskie to match this while consuming only dirt, sticks and other things we assume vegans are allowed to eat. The Independent sums up his daily Tour diet:

…is not exactly for a king, with oatmeal with molasses. Nuts, cinnamon and a couple of tablespoons of coconut butter are part of the mix, along with an apple, and hemp seeds.

On the bike…
…Zabriskie will eat vegan bars, gels and shots and up to eight bottles of special race drink.

After the race…
…and before dinner, Zabriskie will eat white rice with maple syrup and cinnamon. Protein drinks will be eaten before dinner along with goji berries.

And for dinner…
…Rice or pasta will be accompanied by salad and vegetables, with a vegan shake and fresh fruit before bed.

This year he’s won more time trials than ever before and believes that is proof his new diet doesn’t harm his performance. Vegan purists will be upset, however, because Zabriskie will eat salmon twice a week during the Tour to help him absorb iron.

This small indiscretion is sure to be the only instance of cheating at the Tour de France this year.

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