World of Fourcraft Turns NYC Into a Giant Game of Risk


As part of Game Hack Day NYC 2011, a group of hackers combined Foursquare, Warcraft, Risk and Google Maps to create a brilliant new interactive game called World of Fourcraft. In Risk, players attempt world domination, but in the World of Fourcraft, players align with one of the five Burroughs and battle to take control of the entirety of New York City.

On their website, the creators write:

World of Fourcraft is an adventure of Social Conquest. The object of the game is to join forces with your Borough Buddies and conquer New York City. There are no prizes. There are no celebrations. The only reward is the feeling of pride you normally only get from being re-tweeted.

The rules are simple: players login to Fourcraft, align themselves with their favorite Burroughs and then “check in” as much as possible (not that you don’t do that already) to claim as much territory as possible. If enough people on the Brooklyn team “check in” in the Lower East Side, they can claim the neighborhood as a colony of Brooklyn.

One thing is for certain: we aren’t about to let Staten Island take over the rest of NYC without a fight.