51 Astor Gets Prepped for Demolition


Is the East Village ready for yet another big, shiny building? Well, it’s getting one at 51 Astor Place. A 183-foot-tall office building with space for retail designed by Fumihiko Maki will inhabit the plot, which used to house the Cooper Union engineering department. The 17-month process of demolition, beginning with a period of “abatement,” is set to start today, EV Grieve reported, noting that the New York Film Academy Cafe had been gutted yesterday. The figurative wrecking ball should arrive in mid-August.

When we ventured out there this afternoon, movers were hanging out on the steps amid packing materials, and the security guard inside the building told us that “everyone is out.” NY1 reported that the building should be ready for move in by 2013.

Who’s pumped for some gentrification?