Fast-Food Chains Serve Booze; No Link Found Between Ham and Cancer


A larger-than-expected corn crop this season has set off a sharp decline in prices, which could deter food inflation. Corn rose to a high of $7.99 per bushel in June.
[NY Times]

Fast-food chains are getting their booze on. In addition to Burger King’s Whopper Bars, two Sonic restaurants in South Florida soon will sell beer and wine.
[USA Today]

The New York Health Department’s new incentive for people to use food stamps at farmers’ markets will offer $2 coupons for every $5 in food stamps spent.

Nathan’s Famous will once again donate 100,000 hot dogs to the Food Bank for New York City this July Fourth.
[PR Newswire]

Soul Daddy, the winner of America’s Next Great Restaurant, has already closed all its locations after less than two months in operation.
[NY Post]

A new study reveals that there is no clear link between eating cured meats, like ham and bacon, and one’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer. So, that’s good news.