Jim Nabors Is Straight, Says Wikipedia Page!


Well, shazam!

Here’s what the Wikipedia bio of the Gomer Pyle star and singing friend of Carol Burnett swears is true:

“As he was ‘never without a job’ for four decades, Nabors has never married: according to him, he was ‘really more married to his career.’

“Consequently, he has been the target of rumors alleging he is gay.

“In the 1970s, a rumor began circulating that Nabors and then-closeted actor Rock Hudson were to marry.

“Though supposedly intended as a joke (with the punchline being that Hudson would then be known as ‘Rock Pyle’), the rumor was picked up by media and spread across the country.

“Nabors was ‘horrified’ by the rumor, as he felt that it hindered his ability to portray himself as something other than a comedic character.”

Well, whether he’s gay or not, Wiki’s choice of “alleging” and Jim’s use of “horrified” disturbs me.

“Alleging” always sound like we’re talking about a crime — and are the “rumors” really so “horrifying,” career-wise?

I mean, is that what stopped Jim Nabors from playing Hamlet?

What’s more, the “never without a job” excuse is pretty lame. Plenty of constantly working actors manage to find a spouse.

Even Rock Hudson did, ba-dum-pum.